It's worth asking

Let’s get ready to grow your amazing Instagram account!  Before you sign up, please take quick read below! It might seem like a funny thing for us to ask you to pause and slow down before you sign up, but that’s just what we’d like you do to.


Let's Take a Step Back...

For what Campground is, and compared to similar programs and the alternatives, we’re pretty damn inexpensive.  

But it’s still your time and money.  

Both of which are precious.  A few years ago, one of our account managers made the wrong purchase at a thrift store and mentioned, “$2 is a lot to spend on something you don’t really want.”

If you’re like us, you likely skim over those long sales homepages (like the one you just came from!) and that means there’s a good chance you missed some of the important bits.  So this is our chance to invite you back to go read it in full because it’s so important to us that you only sign up for Campground Social if it’s really right for you.  

OR, if you’re pretty sure we’re a fit for you.  We’ve received feedback from customers and are constantly refining our product, service and support and know exactly which accounts will succeed and which ones won’t.  

...and enjoy the scenery

After reading the following carefully, we’d like you to pause and just sit with it all for a bit.  We know it’s a ‘best practice’ to get your credit card and info as fast as possible, but we’d love for you to just slow it down a little and bring some mindfulness to this purchasing experience.  If Campground still feels like it’s a fit for you, we’d LOVE for you to sign up.  

If not, our entire team hopes you’ll find the right help to take the next step in your brand/blog/business with Instagram.  

And, if timing is the only issue, then we hope to see you in the future.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything.  A real person, most likely one of our awesome account managers (not a sales person!) will get back to you.  


  • You are a local small business, freelancer, blogger, Instagram influencer, startup or entrepreneur who recognizes the power and potential of Instagram and its demographics.

  • You don’t have the budget for a big agency marketing push and are willing to do some of the work yourself to get great results for a fraction of the price.

  • You’re willing to spend time on developing compelling content that you think your new fans and followers will appreciate and interact with.

  • You’re willing to try new approaches that might be a little outside of your comfort zone.

  • You have a somewhat clear sense of who your target demographic/market/fan base is.

  • You’re committed to treating your Instagram feed and its growth like a business (vs a hobby).

  • You’ve been frustrated with your current IG growth (either not growing or just plateaued) and realize that you haven’t been able to figure this out on your own, that you need help and are willing to receive it.

  • You understand that organic growth takes time, and most successful Campground clients see solid growth and engagement within a month, but most start to become huge fans after 90 days of regular posting and following our best practices.



  • You have no time to post content to Instagram and your posts have been few and far between.

  • You are offering a product that isn’t visual or haven’t thought of a visual approach to presenting it that would benefit from a visual platform such as Instagram.

  • You expect a quick fix and would be totally ok with fake followers and bots. Here’s a link to that sort of stuff to that to save you time.

  • You’re growing at a rate of 100 real followers a week. You're probably just as good as us. Keep it up.

  • You’ve already got a solid plan that you trust will work and the only reason it hasn’t is simply due to time. If you already have a solid plan, Campground will likely just be a distraction. Much better to just work the plan you already have.


IMPORTANT: What Campground is NOT.

This is super vital for us as we believe in transparency and really want you to succeed with Instagram.  Campground is a support tool that does the hard work of finding the right people to engage with on Instagram; we are not a content creation agency (although we can be if you want us to- reach out to us and tell us what you’re looking for).

A complete marketing team:  Nope, Campground is just one tool (albeit a pretty powerful one!) in the marketing toolbox.  The star of your Instagram feed and what will really determine if the followers we bring with you STAY is the quality of the content you post.  Strive to post often and post the best content you can create.  

A 'fire and forget' solution: Our platform algorithmically grows your Instagram following.  You still need to work to create great content (images, videos and stories) as well as interact with your followers and other members of the Instagram community.  Please don't think that if you retain our services you'll magically get a line out of the door of leads.  Those relationships take time and the average follower converts into a lead once they feel comfortable and trust you.  Ask yourself: what have you done to get that follower's trust?

The magic pill: There’s a reason why some accounts of seemingly random companies and people have over 100k followers and others don’t.  Those large accounts put in the work of creating compelling content.  While many of us aren’t professional creatives or photographers, we can use tools such as VSCO, Planoly and Creative Market to create content that keeps our followers coming back for more.   Still interested?  You can get started here.  Also, since you've read this entire blurb, we figured it would be cool to reward you with a coupon code.  Use code: BREATHE at checkout for $15 off your first month. It's our way of thanking you for investing in us.


Super Duper IMPORTANT: What you can expect.

This is a hard one for us because every account is different. The growth and engagement rates for accounts that are content kings with existing audiences will vary wildly from ones that are super niche and rarely posted to.

Long story short: every account is different. Everyone has a different value calculation for their return on investment (ROI) on our services. We want to make sure that our hard work and labor move your needle when it comes to social media and Instagram. We absolutely encourage you to schedule some time with us for a strategy call where we can walk you through what options are best for you as well as rough ballpark expectations as to what you’ll be getting out of our services.  

The call is a great way for you to get to know us and our team to better understand just what exactly you need to succeed on Instagram.

Still Interested?  

Of course you are! Get started below :)




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Organic Instagram Follower Outreach
Complimentary Onboarding Call   Bespoke Demographic Targeting
No Contracts, No Hidden Fees
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
50 Real Likes Per Post

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Starter Plan Plus:
100 Real Likes Per Post
Top of the Funnel Optimization
Location, Gender and E-Com Targeting
Monthly Content Strategy Assistance
Advanced Growth Techniques

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Just the Likes:
100 Real Likes Per Post
Inorganic Likes Delivered Automatically
Likes convert to views for video
No Contracts, No Hidden Fees
Covers up to 5 posts per day