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Campground Social is an Instagram growth platform for startups as well as small and local businesses. We've also built stellar reputation in the real estate, automotive and fitness niches.

We're a happy mix of social media, data science and marketing. 

Our mission is equip, educate and empower entrepreneurs in the world of visual brand building.

Driven by a client-first philosophy, Campground supports clients who my be just starting out or need a little boost - not only providing entrepreneurs and their teams with our service, but also coaching, community and connections required to unlock their potential.

Be Excellent.  Work Excellently.



I started Campground as an affordable, albeit powerful, tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience on Instagram.  The company was created after I recognized just how powerful Instagram could be.  Throughout this journey, the one theme was that I developed a very personal connection with our amazing clients, most, if not all of whom are fantastic people.  

When it came down to creating a great team, I look for those same qualities.  The squad of programmers, strategists, account specialists and marketers that I am privileged to work with represent the best rising talent in the industry.  We're so happy to have you as a client (or potential client!) and are excited at the prospect of developing a meaningful and lasting relationship.


Arvind Murthy



A Will to Win

Winning just isn't about the numbers for us.  Winning is winning your trust and confidence as a business partner, a trusted member of your inner-circle.  

Nothing brings us more joy than to see a client's numbers eclipse what they once that was impossible without us.  

Meaningful Work

As social media professionals, we've gravitated towards the world of real estate because it allows us to deliver results to individuals on the most part.  Our ongoing efforts in technology, growth and customer relationships give us a very real sense of worth in work and we'll continue to chase that feeling for as long as we have amazing clients to work with.

Meaningful Relationships

We like to deliver our meaningful work's results to our clients.  In more than 90% of these cases, our clients quickly call and consider us their friends.  This process takes time; time that is spend effectively communicating, growing and collaborating with our clients.  


Data Scientist

We are looking for a motivated software engineer with a focus on machine learning and data science to build robust and scalable software and draw insights from massive data sets. We want the highest levels of technical talent and programming skills, as well as a keen desire to deeply understand our products and services to push our technology forward. You’ll work alongside the best and the brightest engineering talent in the industry.

You are:

  • Insightful. Be able to draw conclusions from large sets of data, and help drive business decisions with numbers-oriented thinking
  • Resourceful. Have the ability to do a lot with a little. Be able to aggregate information from various places and build relationships with key stakeholders to get the data you need.
  • Tech Savvy. Master your tools, and continue to expand your systems knowledge through formal or informal research and training.

We need:

  • An excel connoisseur. Know excel backwards and forwards, and be comfortable with using advanced techniques to collect, display and interpret data.
  • SQL expertise. Proficiency in SQL is required. R, Python, Java, and/or C++ are a bonus
  • NoSQL Tools. Have familiarity with at least one NoSQL tool; Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, H2O, etc.
  • A data miner. Be able to extract patterns from large sets of data in order to deliver business insights from data

Interested?  Send us a note at

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Newport Beach, CA


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