Struggling to get more likes?

Do you already have:


1. Good Content

You spend hours planning out your content calendar to make sure things are just right. You are putting out Stories as fast as life comes at you, but it seems like nobody is liking or seeing your great content.

Selectively Served: The much talked about ‘algorithm changes’ to Instagram have affected most, if not all, users on the platform. The truth is that your great content isn’t even being served up to your followers.


2. Quality Followers

It seems like every time you fire up the Instagram app your notifications show you a new crop of really cool and interesting people who are now following you. They’re following you but not liking your content. What gives?

Don’t Lose Hope: Campground’s Engagement technology provides a gentle push to your already organic engagement that triggers the Instagram algorithm to serve up your content to even more of your followers.


3. Specific Goals

You know exactly who your audience is and where you want your feed to be in x number of months. You’ve got your feed dialed in and everything looks and feels as it should be…except for your below-average engagement.

Understand The Magic: Step 1 is Campground detecting when you post and sending likes to your post. Step 2 is snowballing your organic likes with the ones we deliver. The magic is in our nuance and delivery.

Inorganic Like Seeding.  Organic Snowball Results.

With the recent algorithm changes in 2018 and again in 2019, your content is being served up to a smaller percentage of your actual followers.

  • Instagram serves up your content to users it thinks will like your content. (We’re probably not the only ones who thinks this is nuts and doesn’t help!)

  • Campground’s Engagement Engine takes the if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em approach.

  • Our engagement boost solution does not require us to have your account credentials since this is a ‘read only’-type service.


Our Bottom Line: If you’re at your wit’s end about growing your engagement, it’s totally NOT your fault.

We created Boost to help accounts like yours.

Included in all plans.

No matter how big or small.

Looking to increase your sales, buzz or Brand Visibility?  


Build Followers

Campground is your virtual Instagram team that helps you execute on your Social Media strategy by taking hundreds of daily actions on your behalf.


Generate Interest

If you're using Instagram to market your business, you're doing it right!  We help you find your customers faster and cheaper compared to paid placements.


Increase Engagement

Grow your account effortlessly and dramatically increase your stores follower engagement!  Get the right people liking and commenting on your content.

Get the power of a full-time social media team for a whole lot less. 

We created our budget friendly pricing to make growth as pain-free as possible.  Hey, we get it: marketing can be expensive!  We're here to make sure you get the best value out there.




per month

Organic Instagram Follower Outreach
Complimentary Onboarding Call   Bespoke Demographic Targeting
No Contracts, No Hidden Fees
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
50 Real Likes Per Post

E-Mail Support



per month

Starter Plan Plus:
100 Real Likes Per Post
Top of the Funnel Optimization
Location, Gender and E-Com Targeting
Monthly Content Strategy Assistance
Advanced Growth Techniques

Priority Phone Support

Basic Boost


per month

Just the Likes:
100 Real Likes Per Post
Inorganic Likes Delivered Automatically
Likes convert to views for video
No Contracts, No Hidden Fees
Covers up to 5 posts per day

Instagram Outsourced!


All plans include a dedicated account manager and a complimentary onboarding phone call to guarantee your success and growth!

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